Paperlike HD-FT Review

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Known for its pioneering work in the e-ink monitor industry, Dasung continues its commitment to innovation with the Paperlike HD-FT. This monitor, retailing at a competitive price of $798, offers a promising blend of features that aim to strike a balance between performance, versatility, and affordability (however, buyers with tighter budget constraints may look at the Paperlike HD-F or The Waveshare 13.3/10.3).

The Paperlike HD-FT sports a 13.3″ screen, which might seem modest compared to some larger monitors but is more than enough for the kind of tasks an e-ink monitor excels at – reading, writing, and other tasks where eye comfort and reduced glare are paramount. The screen real estate, combined with the 2200×1650 resolution and 207 PPI, ensures that text is sharp, images are clear, and overall display quality is high. You’ll be hard-pressed to find pixelation issues on this monitor, and reading for extended periods should be a comfortable experience.

The monitor’s 4:3 aspect ratio is a perfect fit for this device. This ratio is reminiscent of traditional print paper and is ideal for reading and writing tasks, providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display that isn’t too wide or too tall.

What truly sets the Paperlike HD-FT apart is its frontlight and touchscreen features. Frontlighting allows you to work comfortably in low-light conditions, significantly enhancing the device’s versatility. Touchscreen functionality offers an interactive, user-friendly experience, bringing the familiarity of tablet or smartphone interfaces to the world of e-ink displays. It’s clear that Dasung understands its users’ needs and has tailored the Paperlike HD-FT to address them effectively.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor offers USB-C and Mini HDMI ports. While the absence of a standard HDMI and Display Port might limit the device’s compatibility with certain devices, the inclusion of USB-C (widely becoming a standard for data transfer and power delivery) is a forward-thinking move. Coupled with Mini HDMI, this ensures that the monitor will still work with a broad range of devices.

The lack of a built-in speaker is perhaps unsurprising given the device’s focus on text-based tasks, but it does limit its potential as a multimedia device. However, given that most users will likely use the Paperlike HD-FT for reading, writing, and coding, this is unlikely to be a significant drawback.

VESA compatibility is another practical feature of the Paperlike HD-FT. It allows for various mounting options, giving users the flexibility to create an ergonomic workspace tailored to their specific needs.

Looking at the physical specs of the Paperlike HD-FT, it’s apparent that portability and ease of handling were priorities in its design. Weighing just 640g and having a slim thickness of 5.1mm, the monitor is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for users who move around frequently. With dimensions of 311.2mm in width and 234.9mm in height, it’s compact enough for a clutter-free workspace while still offering a generous display area.

In conclusion, the Dasung Paperlike HD-FT e-ink monitor is an attractive option for those looking to experience the benefits of e-ink technology at a competitive price point. The monitor’s impressive display, coupled with user-friendly features like front-lighting and touchscreen capabilities, make it a compelling choice for prolonged reading and writing tasks. While the absence of certain connectivity options and a built-in speaker might be considered drawbacks, the overall feature set, combined with the device’s portable and ergonomic design, position the Paperlike HD-FT as a strong contender in the e-ink monitor market.

Full Specs

Product The model name of the e-ink monitorPaperlike HD-FT
Version The version of the product (set to 'standard' for monitors with only one version)Standard
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor
Image A picture of the e-ink monitorPaperlike HD-FT
Price The approximate price of the e-ink monitor (in USD)$798
Brand The brand/manufacturer of the e-ink tabletDasung
Screen size The size of the screen (measured diagonally in inches)13.3"
Resolution The screen resolution of the e-ink monitor2200x1650
PPI The screen density of the e-ink monitor (in pixels per inch)207ppi
Aspect ratio The aspect ratio of the e-ink monitor4:3
Frontlight Does the e-ink monitor have a frontlight?
Touchscreen Does the e-ink monitor have touchscreen?
HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a HDMI port?
Mini HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a Mini-HDMI port?
USB-C Does the e-ink monitor have a USB-C port?
Display Port Does the e-ink monitor have a DISPLAY Port?
Speaker Does the e-ink monitor have an integrated speaker(s)?
VESA Is the e-ink monitor compatible with a VESA fitting/stand?
Weight The weight of the e-ink monitor (in grams)640g
Thickness The thickness of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)5.1mm
Height The height of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)234.9mm
Width The width of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)311.2mm
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor