Boox Mira Pro Review

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As a forerunner in the e-ink technology market, Boox has garnered attention with the Mira Pro, a device that neatly encapsulates the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and user satisfaction.

The Mira Pro, retailing at $1800, is priced at the upper end of the market. However, considering the range of unique features it presents, combined with its superior build quality, this product represents a sensible investment for users who need the benefits of e-ink technology on a larger display.

Boasting an impressive 25.3″ screen size, the Mira Pro offers an expansive workspace that is quite rare in the e-ink display sector. This sizeable screen real estate can significantly enhance productivity and provide an immersive viewing experience. Paired with the 3200×1800 resolution and a pixel density of 145 PPI, the monitor guarantees crisp, sharp visuals that are a pleasure to view.

The Mira Pro adheres to the popular 16:9 aspect ratio, providing a wide viewing space that can be particularly enjoyable for movie viewing, gaming, and multitasking across different applications.

One potential drawback of the Mira Pro is the absence of a frontlight feature. Many e-ink users appreciate the added convenience of built-in lighting for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. This lack might limit the device’s usability in darker environments, a feature that competitors such as Dasung’s Paperlike series have incorporated.

Additionally, the Mira Pro does not offer a touchscreen interface. While this might not be a significant concern for users who primarily use the device for reading or as a secondary monitor, those who prefer a more interactive experience might find this a limiting factor.

Where the Mira Pro shines is in its connectivity options. It provides a wide range of ports: HDMI, Mini HDMI, USB-C, and Display Port, ensuring compatibility with various devices. This versatility elevates the Mira Pro’s potential uses, making it suitable for an array of professional and personal applications.

The inclusion of a built-in speaker is another strong point for the Mira Pro. This feature enhances the device’s multimedia capability, allowing users to enjoy video content without the need for additional speakers or headphones.

With VESA compatibility, users can take advantage of flexible setup options. You can easily mount the Mira Pro on a wall or an adjustable arm, which can be a real space-saver, particularly in smaller workspaces.

The Mira Pro impresses with its lightweight design, weighing in at just 2750g. This lightness, in conjunction with its sleek dimensions—594.2mm wide, 349.2mm high, and a slim 11mm thick—makes it an attractive option for users who prioritize portability and aesthetic appeal in their tech. It also implies easier installation and increased comfort for prolonged use.

In conclusion, the Boox Mira Pro e-ink monitor is a compelling product that combines the advantages of e-ink technology with a large, high-resolution display. While it might be missing certain features like a frontlight and touchscreen, its robust connectivity options, built-in speakers, and sleek design more than compensate. While the $1800 price tag might seem high, the quality, versatility, and innovation that the Mira Pro offers make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to integrate e-ink technology into their daily lives.

Full Specs

Product The model name of the e-ink monitorMira Pro
Version The version of the product (set to 'standard' for monitors with only one version)Standard
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor
Image A picture of the e-ink monitorMira Pro
Price The approximate price of the e-ink monitor (in USD)$1800
Brand The brand/manufacturer of the e-ink tabletBoox
Screen size The size of the screen (measured diagonally in inches)25.3"
Resolution The screen resolution of the e-ink monitor3200x1800
PPI The screen density of the e-ink monitor (in pixels per inch)145ppi
Aspect ratio The aspect ratio of the e-ink monitor16:9
Frontlight Does the e-ink monitor have a frontlight?
Touchscreen Does the e-ink monitor have touchscreen?
HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a HDMI port?
Mini HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a Mini-HDMI port?
USB-C Does the e-ink monitor have a USB-C port?
Display Port Does the e-ink monitor have a DISPLAY Port?
Speaker Does the e-ink monitor have an integrated speaker(s)?
VESA Is the e-ink monitor compatible with a VESA fitting/stand?
Weight The weight of the e-ink monitor (in grams)2750g
Thickness The thickness of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)11mm
Height The height of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)349.2mm
Width The width of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)594.2mm
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor