Paperlike 253 (Frontlight) Review

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In the ever-evolving tech world, Dasung remains at the forefront of e-ink technology, steadily carving out a niche for itself with consistently high-quality offerings. The Paperlike 253 Frontlight e-ink monitor further propels the brand’s impressive reputation, delivering a host of features that make it a remarkable piece of technology.

Priced at $1948, the Paperlike 253 Frontlight occupies a premium segment of the market, positioning itself as a high-end solution for those with specific needs. Admittedly, it might not be the most affordable monitor out there, but the array of innovative features it packs, combined with the added value of long-term health benefits, might make it a worthy investment for many.

One of the standout features of this Dasung e-ink monitor is its large 25.3″ screen size. Compared to other offerings in the e-ink market, this is exceptionally substantial, allowing for a larger workspace or an enhanced viewing experience. Additionally, it offers a high resolution of 3200×1800 pixels, rendering sharper images with a pixel density of 145 PPI. The screen’s 16:9 aspect ratio ensures a wide viewing space, perfect for watching movies, playing games, or multitasking with different applications.

Now, let’s delve into the game-changer of the Paperlike 253, its frontlight feature. With many e-ink displays, reading in low-light situations can be a struggle, but Dasung brilliantly counters this by incorporating a frontlight into their display. This ensures that the screen remains clear and legible regardless of the lighting conditions, enhancing usability and flexibility.

However, there’s a notable absence of a touchscreen feature in this version of the Paperlike 253. This might be a minor setback for those who prefer an interactive touch experience and these people will want to look at smaller touchscreen monitors such as the Paperlike HD-FT or the Boox Mira. Nevertheless, the decision to forego a touchscreen probably enables the Paperlike 253 to retain its remarkable clarity and sharpness, which could have been compromised by adding another layer of touch-sensitive film.

In terms of connectivity, the Dasung Paperlike 253 provides plenty of options. The presence of an HDMI port, a USB-C, and a Display Port enables easy connection with various devices, enhancing its versatility. Unfortunately, there’s no mini HDMI port, which could have added more connectivity options, especially for smaller devices.

A minor drawback might be the lack of built-in speakers. As such, external speakers or headphones will be a necessity for any audio output. However, considering the primary purpose of this e-ink display is likely reading and low-light work, the absence of speakers is a forgivable omission.

The VESA compatibility of the Paperlike 253 Frontlight adds a degree of flexibility to the monitor’s setup. You can mount it on a wall or attach it to a flexible arm or stand, depending on your preference, which can aid in optimizing the workspace and reducing desk clutter.

In terms of physical characteristics, the Paperlike 253 has some considerable heft, weighing in at 5380g. It may not be the lightest monitor on the market, but it compensates for this with its impressive build quality and robustness. The dimensions of the monitor—606.6mm wide and 392.1mm high—provide an ample display area without being overwhelmingly large. The sleek 12.5mm thickness contributes to a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Dasung Paperlike 253 Frontlight e-ink monitor stands as a groundbreaking product that pushes the boundaries of what e-ink technology can achieve. Its price tag might be hefty, but the range of features it brings, coupled with the quality and reliability Dasung is known for, could make it a valuable asset for individuals looking for an e-ink display that reduces eye strain without compromising on screen size.

Full Specs

Product The model name of the e-ink monitorPaperlike 253
Version The version of the product (set to 'standard' for monitors with only one version)Frontlight
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor
Image A picture of the e-ink monitorPaperlike 253
Price The approximate price of the e-ink monitor (in USD)$1948
Brand The brand/manufacturer of the e-ink tabletDasung
Screen size The size of the screen (measured diagonally in inches)25.3"
Resolution The screen resolution of the e-ink monitor3200x1800
PPI The screen density of the e-ink monitor (in pixels per inch)145ppi
Aspect ratio The aspect ratio of the e-ink monitor16:9
Frontlight Does the e-ink monitor have a frontlight?
Touchscreen Does the e-ink monitor have touchscreen?
HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a HDMI port?
Mini HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a Mini-HDMI port?
USB-C Does the e-ink monitor have a USB-C port?
Display Port Does the e-ink monitor have a DISPLAY Port?
Speaker Does the e-ink monitor have an integrated speaker(s)?
VESA Is the e-ink monitor compatible with a VESA fitting/stand?
Weight The weight of the e-ink monitor (in grams)5380g
Thickness The thickness of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)12.5mm
Height The height of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)392.1mm
Width The width of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)606.6mm
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor