Paperlike 253 Dark Knight Review

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Dasung has carved out a niche for itself in the realm of e-ink technology with its consistently superior offerings, and the Paperlike 253 Dark Knight monitor is no exception. Priced at $1798, the Dark Knight is a statement piece that encapsulates Dasung’s vision for high-end, high-quality e-ink displays.

The first thing that strikes you about the Dark Knight is its impressive 25.3″ screen size, a feature that sets it apart from most e-ink monitors in the market. This sizeable screen provides ample space for productivity tasks, allows for comfortable multitasking, and significantly enhances the viewing experience.

The monitor’s high resolution of 3200×1800 pixels, combined with a pixel density of 145 PPI, ensures a clear and sharp display. Images are crisp and detailed, and text is easy to read, which makes the Dark Knight an excellent choice for a variety of tasks, from reading and writing to coding and design work. The 16:9 aspect ratio, a common choice for monitors, offers a wide viewing area that is particularly suited to media consumption and gaming.

One area where the Dark Knight falls short is the absence of a frontlight feature (although Dasung does manufacture a front-lit version of the Dark Knight for around $150 more). This means that the monitor’s visibility might be compromised in low-light conditions, something that potential buyers should keep in mind. Similarly, the lack of a touchscreen interface might disappoint users who prefer a more hands-on interaction with their display. However, it’s worth noting that the absence of a touchscreen often results in a sharper, clearer display, as touch-sensitive films can sometimes affect display quality. And (as far as I’m aware) there are currently no 25.3″ e-ink monitors with touchscreen capabilities on the consumer market.

The Dark Knight offers a robust set of connectivity options, with HDMI, USB-C, and Display Port all available. This wide range of connectivity options means that you can easily connect a variety of devices to the monitor, boosting its versatility and practicality. However, the lack of a mini HDMI port might limit the monitor’s compatibility with smaller devices (if you need a mini-HDMI port, take a look at the Boox Mira Pro).

A significant advantage of the Dark Knight version of the Paperlike 253 is the inclusion of a built-in speaker, which adds a whole new dimension of usability to the monitor. The inclusion of a speaker is a notable enhancement that adds value and convenience, making the Dark Knight version a more holistic solution for users.

The monitor’s compatibility with VESA mounts gives users the flexibility to mount it on a wall or use it with an adjustable arm, optimizing workspace and making the monitor more adaptable to individual user needs.

In terms of physical specifications, the Dark Knight weighs 4260g, which makes it lighter than some other models in the series. This might make it more manageable in terms of installation and transportation. The dimensions—606.8mm wide and 390.9mm high—provide a generous display area without being too bulky. At 13mm, the monitor is slightly thicker than some counterparts, but it still maintains a sleek and modern appearance.

In conclusion, the Dasung Paperlike 253 Dark Knight e-ink monitor is a premium product that reflects Dasung’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of e-ink technology. While the price is at the higher end of the scale, the advanced features, versatility, and build quality justify the investment. With its impressive screen size, high resolution, built-in speaker, and robust connectivity options, the Dark Knight offers a compelling combination of features that make it a worthy choice for those seeking a superior e-ink display. The absence of frontlight and touchscreen capabilities are minor drawbacks in what is otherwise an impressive package.

Full Specs

Product The model name of the e-ink monitorPaperlike 253
Version The version of the product (set to 'standard' for monitors with only one version)Dark Knight
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor
Image A picture of the e-ink monitorPaperlike 253
Price The approximate price of the e-ink monitor (in USD)$1798
Brand The brand/manufacturer of the e-ink tabletDasung
Screen size The size of the screen (measured diagonally in inches)25.3"
Resolution The screen resolution of the e-ink monitor3200x1800
PPI The screen density of the e-ink monitor (in pixels per inch)145ppi
Aspect ratio The aspect ratio of the e-ink monitor16:9
Frontlight Does the e-ink monitor have a frontlight?
Touchscreen Does the e-ink monitor have touchscreen?
HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a HDMI port?
Mini HDMI Does the e-ink monitor have a Mini-HDMI port?
USB-C Does the e-ink monitor have a USB-C port?
Display Port Does the e-ink monitor have a DISPLAY Port?
Speaker Does the e-ink monitor have an integrated speaker(s)?
VESA Is the e-ink monitor compatible with a VESA fitting/stand?
Weight The weight of the e-ink monitor (in grams)4260g
Thickness The thickness of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)13mm
Height The height of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)390.9mm
Width The width of the e-ink monitor (in millimetres)606.8mm
Buy Where to buy the e-ink monitor